Where Would Attach the Safety Leash on a 2-Line Trainer Kite When Adding the Bar Myself...

If I am correct, you are converting a kite with handles to one with a bar, and you want to know where to attach the safety leash so that it completely, utterly, and ultimately de-powers the kite - no questions asked. If that is what you are doing, then this is what I would do.

  1. I would lay the kite out on the ground.
  2. Stretch out the bridles as far as they can go towards the right side of the kite, making sIure that the kite stays flat on the ground.
  3. Measure the distance between the end's of the two bridles.
  4. Attach the safety leash to the right line that exact distance from control bar.

So that is what I think would work, and here is why I think that...

What Does it Take to Flag the Kite?

To Flag the kite completely, we want tension in one line, and one line only. The line that the safety leash is attached to must be the only line with tension. Here is what the kite must look like to be flagged.

Flagged Kite

If we want the kite to look like this, we need to somehow make the left line long enough that all of the tension is in the right line. To me, this distance must be at least the distance between the two bridles. Since I don't know without measuring what this is, I'll just call it d.

flagged kite with bridle distance


So, How Where Do We Get This Extra Line?

I know how much line I need, and I know that all of this line must be supplied somehow when I drop the control bar (which will activate the safety leash). Here is what this looks like.

activating the safety leash to flag the kite

This picture shows what happens when I drop the bar and activate the safety leash. The leash tightens, pulling on the right line of the kite (in this pic). The bar and any extra line is added to the left line, which causes it to go slack. If the length of the bar PLUS the extra line is more than the distance we measured (d), then the kite should be completely flagged.

At this point we could figure out where to attach the safety leash - but I'm not going to. The one thing that still worries me is...

What If the Bar Does This?

Flagging the trainer kite bar at different angles.

It is more realistic to expect the bar to hang at an angle to the ground, and not paralell with the kite's line like in the previous example. If this happens then the length of the bar and X is not long enough - the left line would be pulled slightly and the kite could loop instead of flag (this is very unlikely, but when it comes to safety I prefer not to take chances).

To bypass this, I would make X bigger. As a matter of fact, I would make X the same length as d just to bypass any chance that the bar could inadvertently cause the kite to loop. This next picture shows what I mean.

using the safety leash to flag a kite 100%

In short, I would take the distance between the kites bridles when they are oriented like in the picture, and then attach the safety leash at that distance from the control bar - just like in this final diagram.

where i would attach the safety leash

Final Words

I hope that I understood the question properly, and I hope that this helps (or even makes sense!). I have moved the safety leashes on my kites around, but I have never switched a kite over from handles (straps) to a control bar.

To figure this out I just examined one of my 2-line kites with the same safety leash setup - compared to them, this is overkill. Like I said above though, I'd rather be safe than sorry.

If you do happen to make it work, come back let us all know how it went. All you have to do is comment on your question.

Thanks and best of luck!


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