2.1 Meter 2-Line safety release modification from straps to a cross bar.

by John C.
(East Hampton, NY)

I recently purchased an HQ 2.1 Symphony Beach, (misnamed as it is an open cell), and wanted to modify it so that a safety factor is built in for lighter weight flyers...not much of a problem for myself at 160 lbs...but my girlfriends nephews would like to try it while out on their Easter visit here on the "Hampton Shores" in NY.

I've read of some other recommended mods when installing a cross bar, (it presently only has straps), but there are some differences of opinion about what kind of safety strap, and exactly where to properly attach it to insure "flagging", rather than a "dragging spiral".

Any recommendations or opinions? I'd love to see my girlfriends nephews fly - safely!



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Apr 08, 2009
Where I would put the safety leash when converting a kite...
by: Glen - KiteboardingEvolution.com

Hi John,

If I understand properly, you are switching your kite from handles (or straps) to a control bar, correct? If that is so, then here is where I would attach my safety leash - the description is a little too long to fit in this box so I created a new page for it. To get there, just click the link above.

If I have misunderstood your question, I apologize for the explanation!



Mar 09, 2010
Great Answer
by: d

Thanks for all the detailed articles especially this one. I had a good crash a few weeks ago with a hq rush 300. The wind was gusting somewhere close to 30mph. I've flown for a while and practiced releasing the bar on this 2 line kite for safety before flying in winds that are at the upper limit for this kite. Anyway I dipped into the power zone a bit too far and coupled with a nice gust and me being off balance the jerked and sent me flying. I dropped the bar but it took too long for the kite to flag and the weakest part of the leash (a plastic D loop) shattered and the leash came off. Luckily for my wrist it did. Anyway I moved the safety line up so as to not account for the bar in the flagging. Testing the kite flags so much better now.
I always wonder if anyone has thought of adding a small section of a bungee to the safety leash? It seems it might slightly reduce the impact on your wrist?
Anyway thanks for your clear and detailed answer.

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