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Thank you for taking the time to send me this message. I value all feedback from visitors to, so I will respond to it as soon as possible.

An automated e-mail reply has already been sent to the address you entered, which you will get within minutes.

Normally, you will get our e-mail without any problem at all. But just in case, please note...

Important Message

If you do not get the automated e-mail response within 30 minutes, and if there was no typo in your e-mail address, your ISP/mail service is filtering out my e-mail, by mistake.

More critically, it also means that they will filter out future e-mail from me to you. So I will not be able to reply to you, even when you e-mail me to say that you are upset that you have not received my e-mail.

What to do?

Check your "Junk" (or "Bulk") folder for the automated reply -- your ISP/mail service may have filtered it there. If not, they deleted it without telling you.

Please do not be upset with your ISP/mail service. Please do not be upset with me either, because this is not my fault – I did send the e-mail to the address you entered. Be angry with spammers, because this is their fault.

Spam is such an enormous problem that all ISPs/mail services filter e-mail nowadays. "False-positives" (filters that drop e-mail by mistake) happen, due to the complexity and the sheer amount of spam they receive.

All customer-focused ISPs and mail services recognize the problem of false-positives. So they provide you with ways to allow the e-mail that you specifically want to pass through the filter.

It's kind of like a "manual over-ride of the system," and your ISP/mail service has most likely provided a simple tool for you to do it yourself. After all, I sent the mail. You want it. Your ISP's job is to deliver it.

To make sure that our mail is not deleted or filtered into a "junk" or "bulk" folder, please add the domain to your list of trusted senders/your address book/contact list (in your e-mail software) and to your ISP/mail service's whitelist...

This way the filters will know that you want to receive this mail, even though their algorithms consider it to be junk...

Sorry that I have to bother you like this, but it’s really the spammers who are to blame. T

hank you for taking the time.

At your service,


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