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Thank You Ladies! -- The August 2009 Kiteboarding Photo of the Month.
August 15, 2009


This month's photo is a shout out to one very impressive group of kiters...

And This Month's Photo...

Guys, pay attention to this because this month is a tribute to a very special and important group of kiteboarders - women. Iíve seen girls shred like the world was about to end, launch massive jumps, and most impressively, outpace any guy when first learning...

So ladies, hereís to you.

The truth is, kiteboarding can be done my anyone, men, women, or children, and despite what many people believe, it does not depend on size or strength. The skills that really make or break a kiteboarder are technique, finesse, and balance - and this is where most women step ahead.

You see, when first learning most men fall into the trap of trying to overpower the kite (myself included). They try and wrestle with it and bring it under control, which does not work - itís like trying to wrestle with a powerful boat, you just canít win. You get tired out, absolutely drowned, frustrated, and usually sit the rest of the session out.

Ladies on the other hand have much more finesse, balance, and of course, they donít try to fight the kite - and thatís exactly what it needs. Kiteboarding is simply a matter of gentle steering, power adjustment, good form, and proper posture. Thatís why women generally learn faster than us guys - they bypass the frustrating Ďfight-the-kiteĎ stage, and sail straight on through with proper balance, technique, and finesse.

So ladies, spread the word and keep up the good work. Itís so much more fun when we all get to ride together.

Do you have a photo that absolutely trumps this one? How about one that captures the true beauty of kiteboarding? Or even one that is just plain fun?! If so, I'd love to give it a chance to be the next Photo of the Month Ė just send it to

In the Works...

Watch out for these up and coming additions to

  • -- NEXT ON THE PLATE -- Trainer Kite Field Guide.
  • Every single question, problem, and difficulty from the Trainer Kite Reviews is being documented and answered in a 20-30 page trainer kite field guide that everyone can take out and use when flying their trainer. There will be full photo walkthroughs and exercises, much like on, all contained in a ultra-compact and portable booklet.

  • Intermediate Kiteboarding Practice. How-toís and walkthroughs for intermediate riding skills like: riding upwind, jumping, and powered-up transitions.

  • Better and More Detailed Photos on the Website. Watch out for new and more descriptive photos of hard to explain exercises coming soon to the website.

  • Thats all for this edition, thanks for tuning in!
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