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Kiteboarding Photo of the What? Not the Month!
March 03, 2011


This monthís first photo is a force of nature. Like the wind, this photo is a force of nature... but unlike the wind, it makes for an impressive photo. Hereís a full visual depiction of mother nature enraged...


Mother Nature Can Be Tough...

I was fortunate enough to witness this forest fire (actually, it was mine to put out... letís just say that we were challenged), last July. Itís part of the reason there hasnít been a photo for the months following... I was just too burnt out.

But, itís an enjoyable picture because it shows the full fury of mother nature. Thereís nothing you can do to stop this. It just does what it wants to do, and thatís it. But this isnít the only place where mother nature can show her power, and kiteboarders can come face to face with events equally as devastating.

For the same reason a firefighter will not attempt to fight this blaze directly, a kiteboarder shouldnít attempt to face an equivalent display of power. Strong frontal systems, tornadoes, or hurricanes; they all have just as much power, and you need to know when to stay away. Knowing which conditions to ride in is a key part of being an evolved kiteboarder. If youíre ever unsure, talk to the locals or someone with more experience. If youíre still concerned, just stay home and kite another day. Itís the best way to stay safe.

And Hereís a Sick Shot from Indonesia...

Photo Credit:Ben Wilson Surf

This photo is of one of my favorite kiteboarders. Ben Wilson is the leading kitesurfer in the world, and heís constantly releasing incredible footage. Heís also gaining incredible exposure for the sport in the surfing world. Surfers know and respect him, and are beginning to realize the true power of kiteboarding. No jet-skis or boats needed. Just the wind, and whatever you want to ride on.

And even though it almost seems too surreal, he is kitesurfing in this picture!

To view one of Benís newest movies, head over to his website and watch. Dirty South is the newest, and it's absolutely incredible - especially from 15:00 onwards. Enjoy!

Do you have a photo that absolutely trumps this one? How about one that captures the true beauty of kiteboarding? Or even one that is just plain fun?! If so, I'd love to give it a chance to be the next Photo of the Month Ė just send it to

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Thats all for this edition, thanks for tuning in!

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Glen & Erica (and countless others who have helped out along the way...)

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