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Pure Kiteboarding Chaos...
February 01, 2010


To be honest, this monthís photo is a failure. It fails to capture the reality, it fails to capture the movement, but most of all, it fails to capture the chaos.

This kiteboarding location is one of the busiest places I have ever seen Ė and probably one of the busiest the world. Riders were jumping, kites were crashing into each other, and beginners were all over the place Ė this photo simply does not do it justice.

Nonetheless, itís still a great shot. Enjoy!

The Chaos of Cabarete

Cabarete, located on the north coast of the Dominican Republic, has been a windsurfing destination for decades. Itís famed for its constant winds and sheltered bay that are perfect for windsurfing or kiteboarding.

Personally, I donít kiteboard in the bay Ė itís far too crowded. Instead, I kite outside the reef where fewer kiters ride (but the waves can get 6 feet or higher!). A few days ago, I put my kite away and went for a stroll with my girlfriend to watch the action.

What we discovered was pure chaos. In Cabarete Bay alone we counted over 50 kites on the water. Around the corner at Kite beach, the number was similar. Within two hours, we saw kites crashing together, beginners being launched downwind through crowds, and pro riders narrowly dodging people body dragging through the water. It was mayhem.

The picture above does not do it justice Ė it just doesnít. Every spot you see on the horizon is a kite, and everywhere you turn you see more. Itís just unbelievable.

Do you have a photo that absolutely trumps this one? How about one that captures the true beauty of kiteboarding? Or even one that is just plain fun?! If so, I'd love to give it a chance to be the next Photo of the Month Ė just send it to

In the Works...

Watch out for these up and coming additions to

  • -- NEXT ON THE PLATE -- Trainer Kite Field Guide. - At the printers - 2 weeks to go!
  • Every single question, problem, and difficulty from the Trainer Kite Reviews is being documented and answered in a 20-30 page trainer kite field guide that everyone can take out and use when flying their trainer. There will be full photo walkthroughs and exercises, much like on, all contained in a ultra-compact and portable booklet.

  • Intermediate Kiteboarding Practice. How-toís and walkthroughs for intermediate riding skills like: riding upwind, jumping, and powered-up transitions.

  • Better and More Detailed Photos on the Website. Watch out for new and more descriptive photos of hard to explain exercises coming soon to the website.

  • Thats all for this edition, thanks for tuning in!
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