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The June 2009 Kiteboarding Photo of the Month -- If you were here, where would we find you?
June 01, 2009


This month's photo is a great example of how easy it is to switch things up in kiteboarding... Check it out!

Would you be relaxing and cruising in the background, or would you be charging and shredding those waves?

Think about it... You could be out there with a surfboard and only have one place to be in the waves. Or, you could be out there windsurfing, where wave riding is much more difficult. But in kiting, its your can easily do whatever you want and go wherever you want. If you want to shred those waves, you can. If you just want to cruise on the flat, you can. If you want to be catching huge air, you can do that too! And you can do it all in the same session that's the beauty! So the next time you feel like switching it up, take comfort in the fact that, as kiteboarders, we can.

Do you have a photo that absolutely trumps this one? How about one that captures the true beauty of kiteboarding? Or even one that is just plain fun?! If so, I'd love to give it a chance to be the next Photo of the Month just send it to

The Battle of the Trainers An Update on the Trainer Kite Reviews.

Some serious headway was made on the reviews last month, yet a lot more still needs to be covered. Despite the continued work, some concrete answers have been stumbled upon. Before we get to them, here are some of the questions:
  • Do two line re-launchable kites really work? To me it sounds almost too good to be true, so I'm putting them to the test.

  • Do three line kites make flying the kite convenient enough to justify the added cost?

  • What kites are the highest quality and most durable?

  • What size of kite is most suitable for people of different weights in varying wind conditions?

And here are some concrete answers:

Do two line re-launchable kites really work? - The answer to this question is very poorly. The tests are showing that two line re-launchable kites can be relaunched only 25% of the time, while a three line kite can be re-launched around 73% of the time. Overall, nearly all of the testers preferred a three line kite simply because of the added convenience. The real catch here is that they all have to know how to re-launch the kite, and if they don't they don't like the 3rd line. Learning how can be as simple as the How-To on this page.

What kites are the highest quality and most durable? Each and every kite's quality was rated with simplicity, safety, and overall ease-of-use in mind using three of the most critical components that affect a user's experience. Of the four brands rated, the highest quality kites are:

  • Tied for first place Ozone and HQ Power Kites. Both of these kites feature high quality, color coded, and comfortable bars. The kites themselves are loaded with extra reinforcing and stitching that add up to a superior kite.

  • Tied for last Place Both the Best Kiteboaring Trainer, and the Crazyfly Sensei (Rookie) scored 5 points lower (out of 9) than the two kites above. Although they are fun to fly, they just didn't compare in terms of the attention to detail, the high quality bar, and kite reinforcing that HQ and Ozone put into their kites. For the same price, an Ozone or HQ will deliver more bang for the buck.

  • What size of kite is most suitable for people of different weights in varying wind conditions? Still more data is needed to answer this question. It will be some time before the results come through, but here's whats showing so far:

    • People over 150 lbs in 10 knots of wind or less prefer kites larger than 3.0m2.

    • Those in the 100 lb. range are overpowered by 3.5 m2 kites in 10 knots or more of wind. These people prefer to smaller kites.

    • People over 150 lbs who want to try to snow-kite with the trainer want the biggest one they can get they all love the 3.5 m2.

    • In 0-10 knot winds, anyone 150 lbs or larger tends to enjoy 2.2 m2 3.5 m2 kites. No one yet has disliked any trainer for being too large (only too small).

    The full, dowloadable version of the reviews are slated to be available by mid June. They should be 100% complete with the exception of the size preferences, which will take longer.

    Coming in the Very Near Future...

    Be sure to watch for the following, expected by the end of June.

    • Trainer Kite Field Guide. Every single question, problem, and difficulty from the Trainer Kite Reviews is being documented and answered in a 20-30 page trainer kite field guide that everyone can take out and use when flying their trainer. There will be full photo walkthroughs and exercises, much like on, except in a ultra compact and portable booklet.

    Thats all for this month! May the winds be strong and consistent!
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