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Jumping Over a Shark?? Not My Style of Kiteboarding!
November 12, 2011


Today’s photo is a fake... or at least I hope it is! What we have below is every kiteboarder’s nightmare, and hopefully you never have to see this.


You Can’t Jump High Enough...

If you’re fortunate enough to kiteboard around the world, you come across all sorts of crazy creatures in the sea. I’ve battled jellyfish in the Carribean, kited with stingrays and worried over ‘Watch for Crocodile” signs in Costa Rica, and contended with stonefish in Egypt. However, sharks are still high on my “things to avoid” list, and I’ve still never seen one...and I’d like to keep it that way.

I’m not sure if this photo is fake or real, but regardless, it still sends a shiver up my spine.

Do you have a photo that absolutely trumps this one? How about one that captures the true beauty of kiteboarding? Or even one that is just plain fun?! If so, I'd love to give it a chance to be the next Photo of the Month – just send it to

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