Attaching the strings

by Jake
(The Hague)

I recently bought a kite, but i have never kited myself.

So i'm trying to figure out how to attach the strings

I have 4 strings, 2 black ones, a red one, and a green one.

on my kite there are 5 places to attach these.

-on the left-top there is a black one
-on the left-low there is a red one

-on the right same but instead of the red one there is a gray one.

and there is also 1 on the middle-top of my kite which is red.

now i only have 4 strings, where do i attach them?

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May 03, 2011
by: Glen -

Hi Jake,

Thanks for posting this question. First things first, it sounds like you have a four line inflatable kite, not a trainer kite, right?

If this is the case, I would certainly make sure you get some instruction before you get too in depth since it's very important to set your kite up properly.

If this is the case, I have an overview (that's meant for review) of how to attach the lines here:

Basically, it sounds like you have a kite that's set up to have a 5th line, but you only have a 4 line bar. This means that the connection point in the center of the kite (that's on the leading edge) will not have a line attached to it.

The basics of it are: the center lines on the bar (the ones that pass through the middle of the bar and attach to the chicken loop) must be attached to the leading edge of the kite. The outside lines (the ones attached to the ends of the bar) will be attached to the back corners of the kite. The red line most likely needs to be attached to the left side of the kite, and the other line needs to be attached to the right.

It's critically important that these lines are attached without crossing each other, as this can lead to the kite looping out of control (which is very bad).

So, like I said before, the best thing to do (and what I reccommend) is to get an instructor to show you the proper and safe way to connect your lines and set up your kite.

Best wishes,


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