HQ Scout 2 Traction Kite - Perfect for Snowkiting and Landboarding

three hq scout kites

The HQ Scout 2 is a step above a trainer kite. It turns tighter, has more power, and is packed with features that makes it perfect for snowkiting or landboarding.

You Might Want a Scout If...

Included With Every Kite

  • You are an entry level snowkiter, landboarder, or power kiter.
  • You want a kite that can be used as a trainer, but also want to seriously try snowkiting or landboarding.

Because the Scout is a meant for snowkiting or landboarding, it outperforms any trainer kite you can buy. It has more power, turns tighter, and is built stronger.

Designed for entry level power-kiters, the Scout offers effective safety systems and friendly flight characteristics. It's a powerful and stable kite to fly, and is very easy to set up and take down thanks to it's fixed bridle (what's this?).

Beginners will learn easily and safely, while intermediate riders will continually be pleased by the Scout's quick and responsive flight.

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HQ Scout II Features

three scout traction kites

The HQ Scout is designed specifically for use with a snowboard, landboard, or buggy. It features:

  • Reinforced construction designed for rigorous use on land.
  • Cross-over steering that gives the kite a tight-turning radius for extra agility and more power (faster turning = more power).
  • Harness loop for use with any power-kiting or kiteboarding harness.
  • Harness quick release for added safety.
  • Simple and easy use with it's fixed bridle (what's this?)
  • Three sizes for all weights and winds - 3.0, 4.0, & 5.0 m2

Not sure if the Scout is right for you? Have questions? Just email me, I'd love to help.

See It In Action

Kite Colors

hq scout 2 3.0 m2

HQ Scout 3.0 m2

hq scout 125 px

HQ Scout 4.0

hq scout 2 5.0 m2

HQ Scout 5.0

Included with Every Scout

field guide

Trainer Kite Field Guide

13 kite skills and 5 pages of theory have been combined to make up the Trainer Kite Field Guide, a 24 page full color booklet crammed full of information and diagrams to help you get the most out of your trainer kite.

See a few pages and read more here.


hq scout accessories
  • HQ Scout Power Kite - Ready to Fly.
  • Control Bar.
  • Colored Lines.
  • Harness with Quick Release.
  • Safety Leash.
  • Ground Stake.
  • High Quality Bag
  • Scout user manual.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Imagine working hard all day, saving your money, and then realizing that you ordered the wrong kite. It might have too much power, not enough power, or maybe you’d prefer one that you could use in the water. If only you had known! And now you’re stuck with it… or are you?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

If you find, for any reason, that your kite isn’t just right then we’ll trade you for the one that is. It might be too big, or maybe you’d like one with three lines. Whatever the reason, we’ll trade you for the kite that you really do want. This way, you’re certain to get the right kite – no questions.

To see how it works, read about exchanging your kite right here.

Shipping & Tax

Shipping to Canada and the United States is FREE.

There is NO tax in the United States.

Residents of Canada pay 6% GST, and residents of British Columbia pay 12% HST.

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***Looking for a Scout 2?***

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More Videos

This video is interesting because it gives you an idea of the power of the Scout. This person is using a 5.0 m2 kite in 9 mph wind, with gusts up to 21 mph.

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What Others Have Said

"...Your website is exceptional and is one of the main reasons I decided to get the kite. The trainer kite reviews and explanations were a great resource to help me pick one out. I can't wait to get it out and play around with it."

Scott, Florida

"Thank you, thank you! I bought the kite without doing very much research and I was sooo worried that I had the wrong kite when my eight year old couldn’t handle it [Rush Pro 300]. You really made his day (and mine too) when you let me exchange it [for the Rush Pro 250]. Thank you!"

Aurora, Colorado

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