The HQ Rush 4 (III) Trainer Kite

The highest quality, lowest priced, 2 line trainer kite on the market. Perfect for anyone wanting to get into kiteboarding.

hq rush III 3 trainer kite

The HQ Rush 4 (III) trainer kite is a very well made kite that is perfect to learn the basics of kiteboarding. It is the lowest priced yet highest quality trainer kite on the market, as shown in my recent Trainer Kite Reviews.

The kite comes 100% ready to fly, with the lines already attached to the kite. All you need to do is set it up and fly away!

The kite also comes with free shipping and the 100% satisfaction guarantee - for whatever reason, if you don't like your kite, you can send it back for a full refund or trade. No questions asked.

Included with the kite is a free copy of the Trainer Kite Field Guide, a users manual, and heavy duty carry bag - everything you need to get out and use your kite.

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Kite Benefits

Kite Feature

What This Means to You

High Quality Craftsmanship and Construction, including:

  • reinforcing along the leading edge, and a double stitched trailing edge.

  • Securely stitched bridles into the kite's canopy.
  • hq rush 3 trainer kite leading edge.

You'll learn faster and save more money with a well constructed kite. You'll be able to practice and progress without worrying about your kite easily breaking.

Instead of spending time repairing and replacing lines, bridles, or tears, you'll spend your time learning and progressing – you'll be ready for lessons and will be ripping on the water sooner, simply because you didn't have to deal with the headaches of a low quality kite.

Padded safety leash with a wear resistant line

hq rush 3 iii safety leash

You'll be safer overall because using the leash will not cause discomfort, even in the strongest of winds.

The wear resistant leash ensures that it will never wear through and snap, which saves you the time it takes to replace, and the cost of repairing any tears that might result from your loose kite landing in a tree. It also keeps bystanders and pets safer, because there is much less of a chance of hitting them with an out-of-control kite.

Kite bar has built in elastics to secure the lines when rolled up.

hq rush iii trainer kite bar end

You'll definitely have more fun, learn faster, and have more hair because of the line elastics (they will keep you from pulling it out in frustration).

Line tangles are nightmares - trust me, you don't want any. The elastics keep your lines tightly wrapped on your bar, ensuring they are tangle free for an easy setup.

The last thing you want is to spend 30 minutes working your way through a rats-nest line tangle instead of flying your kite.

Kite bar has well marked left and right sides.

hq rush 3 trainer kite bar

If you hold your kite backwards, your kite flys backwards. This, and the fact that kiteboarding is a fast paced activity, makes it very likely that you will crash your kite if you hold the bar the wrong way (which really increases your chances of ruining your kite).

Being able to pick out the right sides of the bar will save your kite loads of abuse, and will keep you from spending money to make irritating repairs to the canopy or lines.

One of the lowest priced trainer kites in its category, per square meter.

Compared to all other two line trainer kites on the market, the Rush is one of the highest quality and lowest priced. Use your extra money to save for your kite lessons, or to get a bigger and more powerful kite...

Whatever you choose, the fact is you're saving money!

The kite is maneuverable and powerful.

You will learn faster when moving on to larger kites simply because you practiced with a realistic kite, and built the skills that will help you progress.

The power teaches you to respect the kite, but also forces you to build the correct and safe habits needed to fly a high powered kite in windy conditions.

The maneuverability of the kite increases your reaction speed and teaches you to understand exactly how kites fly and what you need to do in to keep them under control.

You'll also save money because you will have to spend less time practicing with an instructor, and you're less likely to damage your own larger kite.

If you plan to kite on water, practice a lot! Inflatable kites are very delicate and repairs can be costly.

Kite Colors

rush 3 200 colors
HQ Rush 4 200
rush 3 200 colors
HQ Rush 4 250
rush 3 200 colors
HQ Rush 4 300

See It In Action



Also Included

field guide

Trainer Kite Field Guide

13 kite skills and 5 pages of theory have been combined to make up the Trainer Kite Field Guide, a 24 page full color booklet crammed full of information and diagrams to help you get the most out of your trainer kite.

See a few pages and read more here.

hq rush accessories

The HQ Rush 4 comes fully equipped and ready to fly. It includes:

  • Kite, bar, and lines already pre-connected and ready to fly.
  • Kite safety leash, already attached and ready to go.
  • Kite users guide with set-up, takedown, flying, and safety instructions.
  • Heavy duty kite storage bag.

Satisfaction Guarantee

If, for any reason, you do not find the HQ Rush 4 as high quality, powerful, or educational as I think it is, send it back for a full refund or exchange. No questions asked.

The reason I offer this is because the best way for you to see how great this kite is, and how much fun you will have flying it, is to actually try it yourself and see. I personally love these kites, and I think you will to - and now you can try one for no risk at all.

Shipping & Tax

Shipping to Canada and the United States is FREE.

There is NO tax in the United States.

Residents of Canada pay 6% GST, and residents of British Columbia pay an additonal 7% GST.

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"...Your website is exceptional and is one of the main reasons I decided to get the kite. The trainer kite reviews and explanations were a great resource to help me pick one out. I can't wait to get it out and play around with it."

Scott, Florida

"Thank you, thank you! I bought the kite without doing very much research and I was sooo worried that I had the wrong kite when my eight year old couldn’t handle it [Rush Pro 300]. You really made his day (and mine too) when you let me exchange it [for the Rush Pro 250]. Thank you!"

Aurora, Colorado

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