Buy the Sensei or the Hydra?

by Patricio


My name is Patricio.

Which would be the better trainer kite to start the Sensei or the Hydra. I just want to learn well the basis for kitesurf. I would like a trainer kite that would simulate the most the real action.

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Jan 26, 2011
by: Glen -

Hi Patricio,

Thanks for posting. Brazil is an incredible country, and I spent some time traveling the coast between Rio and Fortaleza.

As far as what a trainer kite will teach you, either of these kites will do. The Hydra is made for use on the water, while the Sensei is meant for land. Choose your kite based on where you want to fly it. If you think (and want) to fly it in the water, go with the Hydra. If you think you want to fly on land, go with a land-based kite. Either way, you'll be able to practice the trainer kite skills that will give you a leg up when starting to kiteboard.

Keep in mind...the Hydra wont make you learn more just because you can use it in the water. You learn most of the best skills by flying your trainer kite on land, and using it in the water is more for fun, in my opinion. Trainers don't create enough power to practice body dragging, or anything of the sort.

So, basically, just pick the kite based on where you want to fly it, and then practice all you can!

Hope this helps,


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