Three Different Styles of Chicken Loop

The chicken loop quick release is the first safety release on your kite.  If it is properly set-up, triggering it will de-power the kite - which is most often done in an emergency.  But there’s the catch-22 – you use it in an emergency!  It is critically important to master because people act on instinct in an emergency!  You do not want to have to stop and think about how it’s done, you just want to do it.

Sounds easy right?  It is except for one thing – every brand has a different method of releasing the chicken loop.  If you often use different brands of kites, it’s very important to familiarize yourself with the quick release every time you ride.

Below you will find examples of different ways to activate the quick release, but please keep in mind that this list is nowhere near exhaustive.  It only covers three brands: Best, Airush, and Cabrinha.

Best Kiteboarding Quick Release

All that need be done to activate this quick release is to pull the fabric loop towards you.  This releases the pin and the loop comes undone.

Best Chicken Loop

Airush Quick Release

This release has a latch that releases the loop-securing pin when activated.  Just pull the switch towards yourself and the loop comes undone.

Airush Chicken Loop

Cabrinha Quick Release

This quick release is unique; instead of undoing the loop itself, the quick release detaches the entire loop.  To activate, push the red release away from you.

Cabrinha Chicken Loop

Just by looking at the examples above, you can see that each loop has its release in different spots, and they require different movements to activate.  This is why it is so important to practice using the release on your kite.  You need to be able to activate the release instantly without thinking or fumbling around!

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