Dragged Up The Beach

by Daniel Cameron
(Hamilton, Victoria, Australia)

On my very first kite fly to give this a go, on the beach with no board (just flying the kite) for some reason the kite lofted across when the winds eased and into the power zone the wind came up a bit again and caught me and suddenly dragged me up the beach towards the sand dunes about 10mtrs. It happened so quick. I did a summersult and smashed my head into the sand. I felt my neck crack but i was ok. I realised firsthand how powerful these things are. And bought a trainer kit to practice on more first.

I learnt that i should get out in the water a distance as soon as i can with the kite to do some body dragging this way you less chance of getting hurt in the water. And flying the kite low to the water at 9 or 3 o'clock for the safest spot to fly it when on beach till into the water.

And thanks to this web site and videos learning heaps!

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