Getting Started With a Dual Line Stunt Kite

by Diane HItchcock
(Winston-Salem, NC)

I live in the middle of a wide, slightly mounded, sweeping field that was just fifteen years ago grazing pasture. A good friend and I have spent time, walking in the pasture together, reminiscing about our childhood experiences of running kites out on neighborhood streets and sharing a sense of release from frustration - imagining flying our kites there.

So he went out and bought some kites: Two "single line" kites and one "stunt kite". Its up to me to provide the spools.

To my memory and imagination, I need a fat spool, in other words: a long line. At least for the "single line" kites. The "stunt kite" confounds me. I don't even know what to look for. Does a stunt kite "run out" on two separate lines, or does it fly more like a parasail or hang-glider, with fixed-length lines?

What's more, when I look at ALL the information offered by the internet kiting community, I wonder if I am sure about STRING at all. I cannot access any information that speaks to my skill level.

I want to buy string for these kites. Lots of room to fly so a long line is what I am thinking, but is there really one, or another, string that is better? I want to be able to enjoy experimenting with the stunt kite (which comes with two handles) but I don't know if you tie the lines to the handles or maybe the handles are spools themselves..I do not want to study so hard that I study rather than fly kites. How can I get started?

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Dec 12, 2009
I don't know much about string...
by: Glen -

Hi Diane,

Thanks for your question. I'm not going to be able to tell you exactly which string is best for your kites, but I will be able to help clarify some things for you. Thankfully, the principles of kite flying remains the same for all kites, regardless of complexity.

Your stunt kite has two handles because it needs two lines. It will be very challenging to set this kite up so that you can spool it out while flying since each of the lines needs to be the same length. You will hold a handle in each hand and will be able to steer the kite by varying the line length (ie. pulling the handles back and forth relative to each other). The kite will loop and dive through the sky - it's a real blast.

I recommend setting up the dual line kite. Once you do, you will see that it has two 'bridles' - one on each side of the kite. The bridles are made of three or four lines that attach to the kites surface and join in a single spot. It's at this spot that you want to attach your flying line.

I recommend is choosing a length of line (say 20-30 m)and cutting two segments that long. Attach them to your handles and wind them up. When you head out to fly your kite, attach the other end of the line to the bridle, and unwind all your lines. You can launch alone by lying the kite down on its back and pulling it into the wind when you have the lines out, or you can have your friend hold it. You can let out however much line you want, but make sure that it's even between the two handles. If it isn't even you will have to compensate by holding one handle closer or further from your body. You can adjust for evenness if you need.

With practice, you will be able to let more line out as you fly the kite, but again you must do it evenly between both handles. I remember doing this as a kid, but it was challenging and I don't recommend it to start.

As for the type of line that is best, I'm not exactly sure. I don't have much experience with these kind of kites anymore, but I again can offer some info.

You don't want any kiteboarding related lines - they are too expensive and heavy, and are way beyond the scope of what you need.

What you will want is a low-stretch light line (or light-ish. How big is the stunt kite?). I did a quick search for stunt kite line and found a store in The Outer Banks, NC (they are called Kitty Hawk Kites). I think that these lines are the maximum for what you need.

I really hope this helps, and if you have any more questions just submit them below in this thread. You can also email them to me directly, it all works!

Have fun flying your kite and maybe I'll see you kiteboarding the Outer Banks one day!


Dec 12, 2009
Thanks Glen
by: Anonymous

Wow Glen thanks for that wealth of information!! I think I have learned more than enough from your comments to get started:)


Dec 13, 2009
Kite information
by: Carlosst

Hi Diane

You want to go to This is the web page of the American kite fliers association.

If "Professor kites" information about single and duel line kites does not help you. There is many other links on the site that will. You can also go to staff directory and E-mail the regional director closest to you. He will get back to you and send out a group E-mail that may reach someone very close to you who can help. Good luck.

God Bless


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