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I am heading back to Holbox Mexico the end of Feb. and have decided the only way I will ever learn to kite surf, which I REALLY want to do, is if I buy my own trainer kite and practice when I go down there. Then I can take 'another one' of those lessons and have some clue as to what the instructor is asking me to do so I can actually get out on the hopefully windy day that I booked
him for and not get my butt drug down the beach!

I am wondering what the recommendation would be for me - I would like to take advantage of the wind on nature's schedule without having to fear for my life - or the limb that I will wrap in
the line according to my husband.

This is the only time I can kiteboard as I don't live in an area where it can be done. I am looking for what I need to start with the intention of upgrading when the time is right - I am practicing for retirement and I have a little time to practice!

Thanks for any and all input!

P.S. The winds can be variable and the island lies around the northern tip of the Yucatan - I do not remember from my 'lesson' which way I was supposed to want the wind to go. I am a strong
150lb. woman.

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Feb 10, 2011
A Trainer Kite Will Help...
by: Glen -


Thanks for your question and I'm sorry I'm a bit slow replying.

So it sounds to me like you have a limited time to learn to kite, and you want to make the most of your lessons.

I believe a trainer kite would really help. It's what I did when I was first learning to kite, and it was an incredible help for me. I have had a lot of people email me saying that it really helps for them as well.

The real advantage of a trainer is you will be able to practice a lot of the skills that you will need to know when starting your lessons. You can practice things like power strokes, keeping the kite on the edge of the wind window, moving with the kite, etc... All of these exercises can be practiced on land with your trainer until you're familiar with them. Once you move up to a big kite, you will know what each different movement is like, and all you have to do is to learn to do it with the bigger kite. This way, the only challenge you're faced with is flying the bigger're not left trying to figure out what a power stroke is, and learning to fly the kite, while getting splashed in the face.

For me, flying my trainer kite was a major help when I took my lessons. The exercises I practiced can be found here (as well as in my Trainer Kite Field Guide -

Also, you won't cut off your arm with a trainer kite, because you're never going to wrap the line around your arm / hand, right? And, you're going to learn exactly how to use the kite's safety systems, right? And you're going to practice using the safety system, right? ;)

Yes, flying a power kite can be hazardous, but that's why you need to understand how to safely fly your kite and know how to use the safety systems. If you're safety conscious and build good habits, you'll be fine. The fact that you're getting lessons is also a very good thing, since your instructor will cover all safety aspects in detail.

So, for your weight / size, I think a 2.5 m2 or 3.0 m2 trainer kite is big enough to challenge you yet not be too powerful. If you want a challenge, you can try a 3.5 m2 kite. I'm 155 lbs, and I fly a 3.5 m2 trainer in any and all winds (up to 20 knots, that is.).

I have been in the Holbox area as well. I spent time kiteboarding in Cancun and Progresso, so I have a little knowledge of the area. It should be fun, and the wind shouldn't be out of control. Unless you're in a Norte frontal system, the wind will probably be around 15 - 17 knots. If there is a Norte, then it will be 20+. Either way, your instructor will get you set up with the right gear, and you should have a blast!

I hope this helps, and if you have any more questions please don't hesitate to post below or email.



Feb 13, 2011
by: Susan

Thanks for all the info - you did a great job of answering all my questions - I'm going with the trainer!

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