Leading Edge Inflatable Kite Shapes

If you have ever wondered exactly how LEI kite shapes differed from each other, here is an explanation.  This page is a non-technical, brief overview of the different shapes of these kites.  The diagrams below show a birds-eye view of the kite lying on the ground, and a front view of the kites shape while flying.

The C- Kite

The C kite has a very basic shape.  It has a convex trailing edge and when laid flat it looks almost symmetrical.

C Kite shape

The Hybrid Kite

The Hybrid kite can come in two different shapes:

  • The Classic Hybrid
  • Delta Shaped Hybrid.

The first looks very similar to the C kite (remember, the only difference may be the inclusion of a leading edge bridle), while the Delta Hybrid is more of a triangular shape.  Its triangular shape allows more of the kites area to be in contact with the wind (for those technically inclined, it increases the ‘projected area’ of the kite.).

Hybrid Kite Shape

The Bow Kite

Unlike the two kite styles above, the bow kite has a concave trailing edge.  All of its features (ability to de-power, flat shape, and bridles) are a result of this shape. 

Bow kite shape

The differences in LEI shapes are simple, but if you are more technically inclined, deeper and more detailed explanations are in the works.  Stay tuned!

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