Kiteboarding in Cancun - Where to Kite in the Hotel Zone

map of kiteboarding beaches in Cancun

Kiteboarding in Cancun is amazing for a number of reasons.

Cancun is easily accessable and affordable from many North American cities, and believe it or not, there are a number of great places to kiteboard here. In the city of Cancun itself, there are two great beaches, which will be covered in this page.


Local Wind

Thermal - Thermal winds in Cancun are most common. They tend to be around 12-20 knots, and are onshore, or side-onshore, depending on which beach you kite at.

Frontal - Cancun is subject to "el Norte", the cold frontal systems that come off the Gulf of Mexico. The Norte winds blow north to south, and are typically around 20-30 knots.


Thermal winds tend to blow onshore or side-onshore.
The frontal winds of "el Norte" blow north-to-south.

Time of Year

Kiteboarding in Cancun is best outside of the summer months, when it's typically too hot for good winds. Hurricane season runs between June and November, so make sure you don't kite in something you don't want to!

Best Months

  • November
  • December
  • January
  • February
  • March
  • April

Other Months

  • May
  • June
  • September
  • October

Where to Ride

There are two major beaches when kiteboarding in Cancun: the Wet-n-Wild Public Beach, and the North Marina.

Interesting Fact

The entire Trainer Kite Field Guide offered with trainer kites bought on this website was photographed at the Wet-n-Wild beach. Of all the places I have kiteboarded in the world, this beach is one of my favorites. It's easy to get to (from a North American city), easy to access, and nice overall.


Wet-n-Wild Public Beach

Water Conditions

kiteboarding cancun beach map

The Wet-n-Wild beach in Cancun is an excellent place for kiteboarding. The thermal winds blow into the bay, giving great sideshore winds from the beach itself. Beginners don't have to worry because they will be pushed into the bay and can walk back if they can't return to their launch site. The bay offers smooth riding conditions thanks to the offshore reefs, and the beach is typically uncrowded.

The water is warm year-round and you can manage with only swimming trunks. The wind of the 'Norte' be a bit chilly, so you may not be able to kite for hours on end (but for those of us from cold countries, it's no big deal at all).

Best Winds

kiteboarding in cancun beach map

The best winds to kite the Wet-n-Wild beach are thermal. They blow into the bay and are a great safety in case of gear failure.

The 'Norte' frontal winds do not make for the best riding conditions. The winds blow sideshore to the beach, and there's less of a fool-proof safety in this direction; riders will have to know how to self-rescue. Kiteboarding here in 'Norte' conditions is best left to intermediate - advanced riders.

Beach Access

This beach is a public beach, and many Mexican families visit it to spend the day in the sun. We are grateful to have such place to kiteboard so close to Cancun, so make sure you give all locals the right of way. Stay away from swimmers, sunbathers, and anyone else enjoying the free access.

How to Get There

The Wet-n-Wild beach is right next to the Wet-n-Wild in the Cancun Hotel Zone. Taxis are relatively inexpensive, and one of the Hotel Zone busses runs that far. Just tell your driver (or bus driver) that you're going to get off at the Wet-n-Wild. The beach is 300 m further north than all of the waterslides.


Beware of an old piece of concrete with rebar in the water on the upwind side of the launch area (it was there in the winter of 2009, and may be gone now).

Other Resources and Images

Wind Forecast. The wind forecast for Isla Blanca applies as well to this beach. Get it here.

kiteboarding cancun

kiteboarding mexico - Cancun Wet-n-Wild beach

kiteboarding Cancuns south beach

Cancun North Marina

Information about ktieboarding in Cancun's North Marina will be added soon! All of the weather and safety considerations are the same, except that the beach faces the NE, so it's also a good place to kite during the 'Norte' winds.

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