How Use a Larks Head Knot to Attach Two Lines

The Larks Head knot is a simple knot that you will use over and over to attach your lines to your kite.  Below is a detailed walkthrough of how to actually form the knot and use it to attach one line to another. 

Note:  This page will not show you how to set up your kite and attach the lines, it will only show you how to form the knot and secure it to another line – just like you will need to do when setting up your kite.

Making the Knot  

larks head knot step 1

1. Start with the line as it is shown to the left.







larks head knot step 2

2. Fold the top part of the loop down so that it touches the line below.






larks head step 3

3. Pull the line through the fold as shown. This will create the larks head shape.  






larks head step 4

5. Keep pulling until you have a good sized loop.







larks head step 5

6. Once you have a nice sized loop, slip it over the knot in the line you want to attach it to.  






larks head step 6

7. Pull back on the line to tighten the knot on the other line.  







larks head knot step 7

8. Pull on both lines to cinch the knot into place.  The first line is now firmly attached to the second one, and will not fall off. 






Thats all it takes!

This knot is so useful because it is easy to make, secure, and is easy to remove.  All kites are attached to their lines using this knot, so it is worth studying this page and practicing a few times to get the hang of it.

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