Launching from sitting position

by Jenny Tucker
(Toronto Canada)

Hi - another question this time re: snowkiting. Am I correct that it is impossible to launch a NON depowerable kite on a bar from a sitting position if you have fallen down. I don't think you could get enough traction from this position and would need to get back on your feet.

Thanks for all your help - this is a great website


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Aug 28, 2010
Two line kites will give you trouble...
by: Glen -

Hi Jenny,

Thanks for another question. The answer to this question is pretty straight forward - you won't be able to launch a two line kite, but would a three line kite.

Despite what some kite manufacturers say, two line kites can not be re-launched consistently when crashed. The rare time that it does work, you have to walk backwards, pull the lines, then move again, and try pulling again. When it does work, it's pure luck. You won't be able to do this strapped into a snowboard and sitting - not a chance.

Three line kites are another story. Because you can use the third line to fly the kite backwards off the ground, you can easily re launch them, even when seated. I use three / four line kites when I snowkite, and I rarely have troubles getting them back into the air (although, I sometimes do have trouble, but that's just the nature of the sport).

Does this help?



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