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The Trainer Kite Field Guide is the first ever trainer kite book that combines everything you need to know with 13 real-life skills that get you on your way with your trainer kite.

The Trainer Kite Field Guide is a spin-off guide from the Trainer Kite Reviews that answers many of the questions that beginner kite fliers have when starting out.

Inside you'll find full color diagrams and explanations of:

  • The Wind Window.
  • What causes turbulence and where to find clean wind.
  • How to make a larks head knot and attach your lines to the kite.
  • How to re-launch a three line kite.
  • How to launch and land the kite alone.
  • Ideas for exercises that you can use to build kiteboarding skills and learn faster.
  • And more...

Take a Look Inside...

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Reviews of the Book

If you're wondering what other people feel about this book, here's a cut-and-paste of a review that a helpful customer filled out. He took the book out with his kite, and honestly answered a questionnaire that I sent him. The questions are in bold and his answers are in italics.

How easy was the Trainer Kite Book to understand, on average?

The book was very easy to understand, I thought the combination of descriptions + illustrations on pictures were all very helpful! The first three pages of illustrations were better than most of the illustrations I've seen on the topics of where to fly, wind window, and know your kite.

On a scale of 1 - 10, how useful was the information in the Trainer Kite Book (where 10 is the most useful, and 1 is the least useful)?

Of course I've seen the information covered by the book in many different forms, so while the info itself is useful, having it all drilled down succinctly is very helpful for quickly reviewing before each and every flight. But, where the book was much more helpful was in the illustrations! The arrows, kite line paths, etc. all drawn overlaying actual Photo's was by far one of the most helpful aspects of the Book! I'd score it at about an 8.

If you bought a trainer kite because you eventually want to learn to kiteboard, do you feel that the information in the Trainer Kite Book helped you learn more than if you didn't have it?

Yes, I think the tips and excercises are very helpful in learning the Fly the Kite; which is by far the hardest part for someone like myself with ample board skills. The trainer kite would not be nearly as useful without some help for creative exercises and illustrations.

Was there anything in the book that should not be there?

Not in my opinion!

Can you think of anything that you'd like to see in the book?

In no particular order, these are some of the things that popped into my head after each session: - Good examples of gripping positions for various hand sizes, exercises, flying one handed, etc. - One or two additional exercises (or creative games to play by yourself) would be great to further vary things up and help keep training sessions fun and productive. -Advice on Wind Range Safety with recommended ranges for trainer kites (and a "why you care" -- because most trainer kites are not de-powerable and therefore are either 100% power or 100% brake). What would be good wind range for true beginner, intermediate flyers, etc. -- hehe, I wish I'd have thought a little more about this one.

Overall, how valuable was having this book to you? (1 - 10, 10 is very valuable, 1 is not valuable).

For me, I had one huge breakthrough in my understanding of two key concepts -- power strokes, and how the kite will handle differently when moving vs. when standing still. Now I really feel like I'm practicing correct motions building good technique and muscle memory! In only 2 sessions totaling 5-6 hours I can see a dramatic improvement in my flying skills. For this info, I'd rate the value as a 10!

Any other thoughts or comments?

Power Stroke info on page 16, pic #3, finally cleared up for me how a Power Stroke really works -- before that picture (more importantly, the line illustrating the Kite Path!) I kept trying to start all power strokes at 12 o'clock, rather than going across that line . . . TWTF DVD also talked about this point, so some extra description on this might be helpful...

- Brandon, Texas.

Where Did This Book Come From?

While researching for the Trainer Kite Reviews, I noticed that just giving someone a trainer kite is not the best way for them to learn. Sure they get out and have fun, but they also encounter roadblocks.

They’re having a blast, but then the kite crashes. What now? Do they walk to the kite and re-launch? Do they tug on an outside line? Do they run upwind and drag the kite along the ground? What’s the easiest way for them to get going again?

Or, they detach the lines to clear out some tangles but can’t remember how to re-attach them. Do they just tie a knot? No? How do they re-attach the lines? You can’t fly a kite unless it’s connected to the lines!

The truth is, the testers for the Trainer Kite Reviews came across all sorts of roadblocks, and the more the testers flew the kites, the more I noticed that the roadblocks were the same.

The thing is, almost every single problem was small and easy to fix if they had only known what to do!

But, their instructional DVD was at home in the DVD player, and the wealth of knowledge of the internet was stuck uselessly on their computer. Lucky for them, someone was there to lend a hand.

Luckily for you, I recorded every single question that the testers had and answered them in one compact booklet. 13 kite skills and 5 pages of theory have been combined to make up the Trainer Kite Field Guide, a 24 page full color booklet crammed full of information and diagrams to help you get the most out of your trainer kite.

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