Trainer Kite Pulling a Sandboard?

by Godofredo
(El Paso Tx)

My question is would a trainer kite have enough power to pull me on a sandboard. I am really interested in kiteboarding, but am not quite sure if a trainer kite would be able to pull me and my sandboard on the sand. If so, what trainer kite would you recommend.

Future Kiteboarder

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Apr 12, 2010
Not Likely...
by: Glen -

Hi Godofredo,

Thanks for the question. Unfortunately, a trainer kite won't do you much good with a sandboard. There would be too much resistance between the board and the ground to do you any good. You might be able to inch along bit by bit downwind, but I think any sustained riding is out of the question.

The reason I say this is because it takes me a lot of wind to get out on packed snow with a 3.5m2 trainer kite (+20 knots). There's much less resistance on snow than there would be on sand, so to ride on sand you'll need a bigger kite or a lot more wind (and probably both).

I'm not what sort of kite size you'd need for your local winds to use a sand board (or if it would even work). I have only sandboarded once myself, so it's hard for me to even guess.

People certainly do use land-boards in loose sand, but if you're interested in doing this, the best way to find out what kite size would work is to find someone in your area (or an area like yours) that does the same thing. I also suggest checking out a land boarding forum if you get the chance.

Sorry this isn't really much help. If you find something that works, swing back and let us know how it goes!



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