These free, downloadable, trainer kite reviews combine over 100 crashes, 20+ hours of testing, 5 different kite sizes, 2 different line configurations, and honest beginner opinions. The leading brand has even survived crashes into trees...

If you are looking for a trainer kite and want to find the highest quality, properly sized, and most user-friendly kite that will teach you loads of required skills, these trainer kite reviews might interest you.


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When it comes to choosing a trainer kite, you want to know exactly which kite will help you learn fastest, stand up to the most abuse, and be the most convenient when flying.

Unfortunately the answer is not readily available - each company will try to sell you a kite based on a number of “proposed” advantages, yet which ones really matter? Or more importantly, which ones even work?

It’s questions like this that prompted me to do these trainer kite reviews - I wanted to know the truth behind all the claims, and I wanted to see the proof for myself. Some of the specific questions I wanted answers to are:

  • Is one brand of kite higher quality than another? Which is the best?

  • Can a 2- line re-launchable kite actually re-launch as easy as they are advertised?

  • Is a 3 line kite really more convenient than a 2 line? Is the added convenience worth the extra money?

  • What size of kite is best suited for someone of a certain weight in a different wind speeds?

  • Which size is too big for light people?

  • Which size is too boring for heavy ones?

  • And more...

While these are a few of the questions, it's the answers that are really interesting. Here's a sample of some of what I'm finding:

  • There can be drastic differences between the quality of brands - there are some you should avoid and some you should look for. Of them all, there are two that absolutely shine.

  • 2-line re-launchable kites can and can’t be relaunched as easily as advertised - you need to fulfill certain criteria to pull it off - if you haven’t, don’t even bother trying to re-launch.

  • Some people prefer the largest kite they can get their hands on, and others prefer smaller ones - but sometimes it’s not determined by weight or wind conditions.

And that's just a small amount. Download the reviews free below.

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"...Your website is exceptional and is one of the main reasons I decided to get the kite. The trainer kite reviews and explanations were a great resource to help me pick one out. I can't wait to get it out and play around with it."

Scott, Florida

"Thank you, thank you! I bought the kite without doing very much research and I was sooo worried that I had the wrong kite when my eight year old couldn’t handle it [Rush Pro 300]. You really made his day (and mine too) when you let me exchange it [for the Rush Pro 250]. Thank you!"

Aurora, Colorado

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