These free, downloadable, trainer kite reviews combine over 100 crashes, 20+ hours of testing, 5 different kite sizes, 2 different line configurations, and honest beginner opinions. The leading brand has even survived crashes into trees...

If you are looking for a trainer kite and want to find the highest quality, properly sized, and most user-friendly kite that will teach you loads of required skills, these trainer kite reviews might interest you.

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It’s a sad fact, but there are trainer kites out there that just aren’t worth your money.  They either constantly break, or just aren’t well thought out, and in the end cost you more money and frustration than they’re worth.

But the thing is, how are you supposed to know if the kite you buy will do this?  Every brand out there markets their kite as ‘the only one that…’ or the ‘best at…’, but how can you tell how they compare to each other?

The only way to really tell is to buy them all – every brand, every style, and every size – and test them against each other.  Only then will you know for certain how the kites stack up against each other, and which one will help you learn fastest and have the most fun.

That’s exactly what I have done, and you can download the results for free on this page.

best trainer kite
best trainer kite
best trainer kite
best trainer kite

The four brands tested.

Earlier this spring, I purchased 4 brands of trainer kites (Best, Ozone, HQ Power Kites, and CrazyFly) in various sizes (from 1.5 m2- 3.5 m2) and tested them all against each other.  I recruited friends, family, kiteboarders, and the general public to fly them and rank them against each other.

After spending hours flying kites, the feedback the testers provided has helped answer questions that everyone should ask before buying a trainer kite.  Questions like:

  • Which brand creates the highest quality kite?

  • Can 2 line re-launchable kites be re-launched as easily as advertised?

  • Are 3 line kites more convenient than 2 line?  Are they worth the extra money?

  • Which size of kite is best suited for a light person in strong winds?  How about a heavy person in strong winds?

  • Is there a size that is just too big for a light person?

  • And more …

Those are just a few of the questions, here’s a peek at some of the answers:

  • There are drastic differences between the quality of brands – some brands you should avoid and others you should look for. Of them all, there are two that absolutely shine.

  • Two line kites can’t be re-launched as easily as advertised, and this fact greatly affects how fun the kite is to fly.

  • Some people prefer the largest kite they can get their hands on – but sometimes it’s determined by what they want to do with the kite, instead of their weight.

The information in these reviews can be the difference between a frustrating experience with a low quality kite, or unlimited fun with the perfect (and most likely cheaper) kite.  Download them for free below.




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