Trainer Kite Field Guide

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The first ever trainer kite book that combines everything you need to know with 13 real-life kite skills to get you on your way with your trainer kite.

The Trainer Kite Field Guide is a spin-off guide from the Trainer Kite Reviews that answers many of the questions that beginner kite fliers have when starting out.

While researching for the Trainer Kite Reviews, I noticed that just giving someone a trainer kite is not the best way for them to learn. Sure they get out and have fun - lots of it - but they also encounter roadblocks.

They’re having a blast, but then the kite crashes. What now? Do they walk to the kite and re-launch? Do they tug on an outside line? Do they run upwind and drag the kite along the ground? What’s the easiest way for them to get going again?

Or, they detach the lines to clear out some tangles but can’t remember how to re-attach them. Do they just tie a knot? No? How do they re-attach the lines? You can’t fly a kite unless it’s connected to the lines!

The truth is, the testers for the Trainer Kite Reviews came across all sorts of roadblocks, and the more the testers flew the kites, the more I noticed that the roadblocks were the same.

The thing is, almost every single problem was small and easy to fix if they had only known what to do!

But, their instructional DVD was at home in the DVD player, and the wealth of knowledge of the internet was stuck uselessly on their computer. Lucky for them, someone was there to lend a hand.

Luckily for you, I recorded every single question that the testers had and answered them in one compact booklet. 13 kite skills and 5 pages of theory have been combined to make up the Trainer Kite Field Guide, a 24 page full color booklet crammed full of information and diagrams to help you get the most out of your trainer kite. You’ll find full color diagrams of:

  • The Wind Window.
  • What causes turbulence and where to find clean wind.
  • How to make a larks head knot and attach your lines to the kite.
  • How to re-launch a three line kite.
  • How to launch and land the kite alone.
  • Ideas for exercises that you can use to build kiteboarding skills and learn faster.
  • And more...

Take a Peek....

Take a look at what you’ll find inside...

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How Do I Get One?

The Trainer Kite Field Guide comes FREE with every trainer kite purchased from this website.

Whether it’s a Rush, Rush PRO, or a Hydra, you’ll get a copy free of charge. This guide is exclusive to, and I guarantee you will not find anything else like it anywhere on the internet.

When you purchase your trainer kite, you'll get a free copy that is yours to keep forever. Regardless of whether or not you decide to keep your kite (see the money back guarantee), you keep your copy of the guide.

Unfortiunatly this book is currently not available for individual purchase - it's completely exclusive to those who purchase a trainer kite.

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