What is a Fixed Bridle Kite?

by Paul
(Kamloops, B.C)

What is the difference between a fixed bridle and non-fixed bridle kite?

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Feb 18, 2011
They can't be sheeted
by: Glen - KiteboardingEvolution.com

Hi Paul,

A fixed bridle kite can not be sheeted in and out.

Many advanced kites, like the ones you'd use on the water or higher end snowkites, can be sheeted. They have a four line setup, and can be sheeted in for more power, and sheeted out for less power. This gives you more control because you can adjust the power of the kite by sheeting it, as well as flying it differently. Being able to sheet allows you to 'dump' the kites power if needed (like, when you're hit by a gust).

A fixed bridle kite is exactly what all trainer kites are. The lines that attach to the canopy of the kite that give it it's shape are 'fixed'. These are the only kites that engage the kite when it's flying, so once it's in the air, the only way to adjust the kite's power is by flying it differently. You can't just sheet out to dump power. These types of kites are easier to fly because they are less complicated. This is why trainer kites and intro snow kites are fixed bridle. Because of their simplified design, fixed bridle kites are much easier to set up and maintain.

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