Your Opinion of the Hydra?

by Rene

What is your opinion of the HQ Hydra trainer made to be used in
the water?

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Jul 13, 2010
My Opinion...
by: Glen -

Hi Rene,

To sum up my opinion of the Hydra as briefly as possible, it is...

...It's a very fun kite to fly IF you plan on using it on water. If you don't plan on using the kite on the water, skip it.

This sound obvious, but what I mean is that if you want a kite to use on water for a specific purpose (like pulling a kayak or something), or the only place you have to fly the kite is on water, then the Hydra will work out well for you and will be fun.

If you're not sure you want to fly the kite in (or over) the water, and are just thinking of the Hydra because you might go on water 'one day', then I'd pass.

It's a very fun kite to fly, but it's pretty much like the Rush. I find that if you think that you might fly it in the water 'one day' it's not really worth the expense.

Other than that, the quality is great, and it's a fun kite to play with. In stronger winds, a 3.5 m2 kite can pull you very strongly, so it's cool to be yanked through the water (in a semi-controllable way). Also, I find it fun to pull things around (kayaks, windsurfers, skim boards) just for fun.

And remember, if you're looking to learn some kiteboarding skills, you can learn just as much with a land based trainer kite - so don't worry about that.

Does this help any?



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