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I know for a fact that it is easier to do something when you understand why it happens.

I don't believe in telling someone 'just trust me', or 'just do this – it's not important why'.  I don't like to hear that, and I don't think anyone else does either.  The truth is, we don't need to be told what to do, what to think, or what to buy – what we need is the information so that we can think for ourselves.

And that's what KiteboardingEvolution.com is for – to help explain kiteboarding scientifically so that you can understand what's going on behind the scenes. I want to show the physics behind kiteboarding as clearly as possible so you know what is happening when you ride. When you know this, you're way ahead of the pack and can fix almost any problem.

I'm not interested in telling you how to do something; I want you to understand it, and then make your own decision. I'm not interested in telling you to buy something; I want to show you a comparison of many things, and then let you choose the best. Wherever possible, I prefer to do many comparisons, and let statistics tell me which is best (a good example is the Trainer Kite Reviews – they're closing in on statistical accuracy!).

So you'll find – to the best of my ability – overviews of kiteboarding topics (be them tricks, skills, or choosing the best kite possible) combined with enough science to explain why it happens and what makes it work that way. This way you'll be able to come to your own conclusions, and then verify them elsewhere.


Before I say anything I want to say that many people have helped make this website what it is, not just me. Contributors, readers, editors…everyone!

me in progresso mexico

My name is Glen Murray, and before I became a kiteboarder I was a science... fanatic (nerd). I have always loved looking at complicated topics and breaking them apart to understand what's going on. Unlike many other nerds though, I prefer to take the result and explain it in a clear and easy to understand manner so everyone can understand. It's this love that drove me to university where I graduated with a degree in Physics.

I also love kiteboarding. I love its science, diversity, and power. I like to sit down and figure out why things happen, and that habit has helped me immensely when it comes to learning. I was able to work through problems by understand what needs to happen, and what could be getting in the way. Sometimes it takes a bit of time to figure out what's actually going wrong, but in the end it always works. And that's where this website has come from.

Alessandro Ferro

alessandro kitesurf sardegnia

Alessandro is a certified kiteboarding instructor and shop owner in Sardinia, Italy.

Like all kiteboarding instructors, Alessandro's main focus is on safety. He has read and edited many of the topics on this site to make them easier to understand, more helpful, and has suggested ways to really stress safety. If you've been through the Beginner's Practice section, you've definitely read many of Alessandro's contributions.

Feel free to visit his website about kitesurfing in Sardinia, Italy.


ericas toes

Erica is an excellent photographer, and a lot of the photos on the website were taken by her. She does a fantastic job finding cool and interesting photos that she shares for everyone to see.

Erica took all of the photos for the Trainer Kite Field Guide, and has had several photos published as Photos of the Month.

She ventures into some extremely uncomfortable places to get a cool shot (i.e. a frozen lake at -20°C with 20 -25 knot winds), and for this I thank her!

However, despite her great photographic talent, Erica is quite camera shy. Not only do I not have many pictures of her in a kite setting, but she was not thrilled to have one of these pictures on this website...which is why we get to look at her toes!

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