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Choosing the best trainer kite

Choosing the best trainer kite for you can seem like a challenging task.  There are so many brands, sizes, lines, and opinions out there that it's hard to get an objective look on the whole subject. 

Don't worry though, I have formed this page to give an unbiased look at the best trainer kites possible.  Here's what’s covered:

If you have not yet read The Trainer Kite De-Mystified to learn what’s possible with a trainer, please do so now.  If you already have an idea of what you are looking for, let’s take a look at which kite will best fit your needs.

What Kites are Available?

There are all sorts of kites available in different sizes, number of lines, quality, and price.  The most prominent brands on the market are: HQ Power Kites, Ozone, Best Kiteboarding, and Crazy Fly (makers of the Sensei Trainer Kite). 

Of course there are many other trainer manufacturers out there, but these four represent the best of the best - here is a look at what each brand’s kites have to offer.

Brand Kite Actual Size # of Lines Average Prce Special Features? **
(m2) (US $)
Small Trainers
1.5 m2 Kites
HQ Rush 3 200 1.4 2 124.50 2-Line Relaunchable
Ozone IMP 1.5 1.5 3 169.98 3 Line
Crazy Fly Sensei (Rookie) 2.0 - 2 132.49 2-Line Relaunchable
Best Trainer 2.0 - 2 144.99 None
2.0 m2 Kites
HQ Rush 3 250 2.0 2 143.49 2-Line Relaunchable
HQ Rush 3 PRO 250 2.0 3 189.99 3 Line
Ozone IMP 2.0 2.0 3 188.45 3 Line
Crazy Fly Sensei (Rookie) 3.0 2.3 2 144.99 2-Line Relaunchable
Best Trainer 3.0 2.3 2 144.99 None
2.5 m2 Kites
Ozone IMP 2.5 2.5 3 217.45 3 Line
Large Trainers (Traction-Trainers)
3.0 m2 Kites
HQ Rush 3 300 2.8 2 180.24 2-Line Relaunchable
HQ Rush 3 PRO 300 2.8 3 233.99 3 Line
3.5 m2 Kites
HQ Rush 3 PRO 350 3.5 3 263.49 3 Line
Ozone IMP 3.5 3.5 3 267.48 3 Line
**Note - Just because a company says a kite can do something, that does not mean that it actually can.  If you are interested in a 2 line re-launchable, I recommend reading my Trainer Kite Reviews - the results are fascinating.  Click here for more detail.

One Thing to Note

After looking at the kites above, you will notice one very interesting thing - the number in a kite’s name does not necessarily correspond to its actual size.  Knowing this really helps aviod confusion when purchasing the kite size you want.

For example, say you wanted a 3.0 m2 kite and were comparing the Best Trainer Kite 3.0, and the HQ Rush 3 300.  These two kites both have two lines and should be very similar - except when you look at the price.  The Best Trainer Kite 3.0 is almost $40 cheaper, so it’s a better deal right?  Nope!  It is actually a 2.3 m2 kite, while the Rush 3 300 is a 2.8 m2 kite - no wonder the price is different!  So, which is the cheaper kite in the 3.0 m2 range?  The HQ of course.

The point here is to be aware of the real deal when buying equipment (or anything for that matter).  Some companies will do anything to get an advantage - including tricking you into thinking your kite is bigger, better, and cheaper.  It happened to me when I started kiteboarding, which brings me to the next topic...

Trainer Kite Reviews - Which is the Best Trainer Kite for YOU?

Do the two line re-launchable kites really work?  Is getting a 3 line kite worth the extra money?  What kite size do most people prefer?  Which kite is the highest quality? 

Have you ever asked any of these questions?  If you have, good - so have I.  In order to pick the best trainer kite, these questions need to be answered - and that’s exactly what these trainer kite reviews do.

Here’s What’s Happening

I have purchased a wide range of the trainer kites above (although not all - I don’t need a Rush 3 300, and a Rush 3 Pro 300 since the only difference between these kites is the 3rd line.)  I am currently asking people who have never flown trainers before to fly them and rate them compared to each other.  With this information I'm ranking each kite based on:

  • Which size testers preferred (based on wind conditions and weight)

  • How often the two line re-launchable kites actually re-launched.

  • Whether or not a 3 line kite is more fun to fly than a 2 line kite.

  • How well the safety systems work.

  • The quality and durability of each brand (I know from experience that this does matter).

The First Round of Results Are In

Enough tests have been done to answer 95% of these questions, and the first draft of the reviews can be downloaded for free.

Why the Tests?

If you wonder why I’m doing this, there are two reasons:

  1. My first trainer kite sucked.  It turned out to be a low-quality kite and broke after about 10 hours of use.  I tried to activate the safety leash while snow kiting, just to have it snap off and sent me on a 500m sprint after the kite.  Since then the kite has required constant fixing, which isn’t fun.

  2. Not everyone likes the same kites that I do.  I love flying 3.5 m2 kites, but my girlfriend (who is 60 pounds lighter than me) doesn’t - the kite is too big 90% of the time.  The only way for me to know which is the best trainer kite size for her (or anyone) is to find out exactly what she likes and why.  Once I know this, I can make a better kite recommendation.

It’s as simple as that.  I just want to be able to help you find the best trainer kite possible while avoiding the low-quality-but-just-as-expensive ones.  For the record, all of the kites listed above are of good quality - you won’t run into a poor quality issue with any of them.  That said, some of the kites above are excellent quality, while others are just good - read the reviews to find out which are the best.


That’s all for this page, if you want a copy of the reviews for yourself click here to get one absolutely free.

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