Brake lines on my HQ Rush 250

by Mo

I have a Rush 250 as well and I'm confused on how to attach the lines

Does number 8 go on top of the number 16 lines or under (diagram in the question you answered previosuly)? The diagram doesn't specify this. I think this is important for relaunching since I'm having a really hard time doing so.

Also I have a hard time flying the kite, any time I get some air it will spin and crash right away, it will spin so much my lines will get tangled and It won't fly again. Relaunching is also a problem for me, pulling the brake like does not lift my kite, which could be related to the issue I mentioned above. My brake lines could be attached wrong.

Thank you.

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Jun 06, 2012
The answer lies here...
by: Glen -

Hi Mo,

Thanks for your question. The answer to your first question, as well as the diagram that you refer to is located here -

The fact that your kite will spin any time that it catches some air is an indication that there's something not right with the lines or bridles. If this ever happens, you want to land your kite and investigate - don't keep flying it.

When setting up your lines, follow the steps described in the link above, and always perform the pre-flight check. If the kite passes the pre-flight check, then there is either something wrong with your lines or your bridles.

For your bridles, you want to make sure that they aren't twisted or tangled on themselves. Before you attach your lines, inspect each bridle (by holding it up) to ensure that there are to tangles, twists, or knots in them. Fix any issues that you discover. You want the bridle lines to flow straight from the end to the kite without crossing or tangling with each other. If they do, this can reduce the overall length of the bridle, which could cause the problem that you describe.

If your bridles are fine, then check the length of your lines. Sometimes lines stretch (or there's a mistake in manufacturing) so that one line is longer than another. If this happens, it can cause the kite to turn when not wanted (and in extreme cases, spin uncontrollably). To check their length, secure the end of the lines to a post, and then lift your bar and pull them tight. If the bar is turned, then you know that one line is longer than another. Take the lines off the bar and adjust their lengths to match.

As for your issues re-launching, if the kite is suffering any of the above, it will not relaunch. Instead, land and fix the problem. Once the kite is set up properly, re-launching should follow suit. If you still have trouble, just post back and we can deal with it then. I suspect that once the spiraling kite is dealt with you should be able to re-launch as well.



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