Kiteboarding Equipment

Kiteboarding Equipment by Numbers

Kiteboarding Equipment is not as complicated as it seems; in fact, it only consists of five main components. 

  1. The Kite 
  2. The Lines
  3. The Bar
  4. The Harness
  5. The Board
  6. Additional Equipment

The Kite (1)

There are two major different designs of kiteboarding kites: Leading Edge Inflatable kites (Bow, Hybrid, and C kites) and Foil kites.  Leading Edge Inflatable (LEI) kites are most commonly used on water, while foil kites are mostly used on land.  An in depth kite overview of both types can be found here.


The Lines (2)

They connect you to the kite and transfer the power of the kite to you. Because they are under such extreme tension, they must be taken care of or they can snap. Broken lines can leave you stranded on the water, which is not good!  Follow these line-care tip to reduce the chances of this happening.

Additional Line Related Articles:

The Bar (3)

It is where you adjust the kite’s power and what you use to steer.  The kite’s safety systems are also attached to the bar (or very near it), so it is important to understand how to properly use it! Read about it here.

The Harness (4)

There are two types of harness used for kiteboarding: the waist harness, and the seat harness.  Each has its upside and downside, so choose the one best suited for your needs. Read about them both here.

The Board

This is where the energy of the kite is converted into useful motion, and it’s what lets us ride on the water. The styles of boards vary as much as the styles of kiteboarding; you can use surfboards, wake (style) boards, twin tip boards, snowboards, dirtboards, skateboards....whatever you want to ride on, it's possible!  To see an overview of boards used on water, click here.

Additional Equipment

Kiteboarding can be done anywhere, and each different location may require specialized equipment.  In Canada you probably want a dry suit (or at least a really thick wetsuit), but in Australia you might need a jellyfish suit.

While the list of kiteboarding equipment is small, the topics can be discussed endlessly.  Follow the links above to read more about the topics you are interested in.

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