What is a Kiteboarding Practice Kite?

A kiteboarding practice kite is a small maneuverable kite that many people use for learning how to kiteboard (kitesurf - its the same thing).

They range between 1 and 3.6 square meters, which makes them perfect for learning the kite handling skills you need to have as a kiteboarder.  

But, just because they are called 'small' kites, dont be foole; these kites are big enough to lift you into the air, and you can easily be pulled face first across the ground if you aren't careful!

You can use them to pull snowboards across fields, toboggans up hills, dirtboards along mountainsides, buggies down beaches… and lets not forget, they can be used for what their name suggests– practicing kiteboarding skills.

If you are looking for information  then you have come to the right place.

Within this site you will find:

  • The two most important factors to consider when you are choosing (and shopping for) a practice kite of your own.

  • Four things that at some point every beginner will learn when flying their kite. It is best to learn them early, before you try flying your kite, or you may find yourself being dragged face first across the park (or in one case, across a field through cow patties…)

  • Exercises that will get you off to a fast start with your kite. You can be jumping, running, and flying much sooner than you think.

  • And more continually updated information.

The only thing that you should know before you enter, is that kiteboarding practice kite is not the best term for these kites.  They are more commonly called trainer kites, and will be referred to as such from this point forward.



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What Others Have Said

"...Your website is exceptional and is one of the main reasons I decided to get the kite. The trainer kite reviews and explanations were a great resource to help me pick one out. I can't wait to get it out and play around with it."

Scott, Florida

"Thank you, thank you! I bought the kite without doing very much research and I was sooo worried that I had the wrong kite when my eight year old couldn’t handle it [Rush Pro 300]. You really made his day (and mine too) when you let me exchange it [for the Rush Pro 250]. Thank you!"

Aurora, Colorado

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