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SwedenThanks to hundreds of miles of coastline there are nearly limitless opportunities to kiteboard in Sweden.Powerful weather systems created in the cold northern oceans create strong winds at predictable times of the year, so grab your gear and get ready!

One excellent place to take advantage of this amazing Swedish kiteboarding is Habo Ljung, near the city of Malmo.


kiteboarding habo ljungHabo Ljung is located in the southern part of Sweden only about 15 kilometers from Malmö. There is a camping area onsite, so anyone that doesn't live nearby can always camp. The parking lot is only 100 meters from the beach.

There is an onsite cafe that belongs to the campsite that’s open from about June-September, so during this time of the year you can enjoy a coffee, ice cream and other cafe food during your sessions.[Map]


kite beach habo ljungThe kite season in Habo Ljung starts in mid March and ends in October, but some more hardcore riders keep on kiting almost all year round. Gustav (the contributor of this information) had his last session in January before he gave up due to the cold.

The best time for kiting in Habo Ljung is the spring (April-May) and fall (September-October). Due to increased storm activity in spring and autumn, the wind is stronger during these months. Given that the frontal nature of the weather here, wind speeds vary and are less predictable than with thermally driven winds, however, April-May and September-October are quite reliable.

best winds for kitesurfing habo ljung

Best winds for kiting

Wind direction onsite varies, but the best riding conditions are with westerly (onshore) winds. The best flat water conditions are in south west (side onshore) winds, and north west provide more choppy water and small waves outside the reef.

Where to Ride

kiting in habo ljung swedenHabo Ljung is knows for its shallow brackish water (more sweet than salt) and soft sand bottom. With plenty of space for launching and rigging, it’s simply perfect for beginners as well as pro riders that want to practice tricks.

There is a reef located about 200 meters from the beach, so there is a flat water area between the reef and the beach. The water depth varies a bit in this area and sometimes there are small sandbars that stick up above the surface, but normally the water is about three feet deep.

pier in habo ljung swedenThere is a 200 meter long pier that divides the spot in two halves. The pier works as a wave breaker, which is one of the reasons the water is so flat when the wind is SW. Addditionally, kite schools normally stick to one side of the pier, leaving the other side free of beginners. The pier is excellent for photographers and people that just want to have a perfect view of the kiters!

Water Conditions

  • Temperature – Cool. A wetsuit is not a bad idea.
  • Waves – Little to none, except outside the reef (200 m offshore) in SE winds.
  • Dangers - None.

Kite Schools

habo ljung kite schoolGustav from the Gusty Kite School is the undisputed expert on this location. His school is located in Habo Ljung, and is the best person to contact for information on this spot, gear, or lessons.

All of the information on this page (including the pictures) was graciously provided by him (arranged and edited by me), so thanks Gustav!

Need anymore information on kiteboarding in Habo Ljung, Sweden? Visit Gustav's site!


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All photos copyright Gustav from Gusty Kite School

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