This Business is For Sale is an established, profitable, high ranking, high traffic, and well-respected business.  It was started to provide quality advice and information to the general kiteboarding community. 

We initially began selling gear to help pay the hosting costs, and now have a fully functioning, profitable business with exceptional potential for growth. 

This is an excellent opportunity for anyone:

  • Looking for an established, profitable, and easy-to-run online business.
  • With an existing kite-shop wanting a stronger online presence and more North American online sales.

Even though we sell kiteboarding equipment locally, our web presence is so strong that 99% of our sales are online.


Quick Facts About This Business

This business can be operated without owning any inventory. We have an agreement with the supplier to ship directly from their warehouse, so this business can be run completely hands-off. That said, your potential for income is much greater if you stock your own inventory.


  • 2012 Gross sales exceed $35,000.
  • 2011 gross sales exceed $30,000. 
  • 95 % of our sales come from 9 different products. 
  • Excellent opportunities to grow revenue through new products.  Based on existing conversions and traffic, adding regular inflatable kites to this store has the potential to add more than $100,000 in sales. 


  • Averages ~10,000 visitors per month (2012).  This value is higher during summer months and lower in winter.
  • Multiple pages ranked #1 in Google, many others on 1st page.
  • 119,884 visitors in 2012.
  • 254,002 total visitors in business lifetime. Yes, that’s ¼ of a million. 
  • Traffic grows year after year, creating true opportunities for passive income. 
  • 48% of all unique visitors were in 2012, even though business has been in existence since early 2009.
  • Lifetime visitor trend
    Lifetime visitor growth
  • Over 92 pages of fully Search Engine Optimized, 100% unique content (not including the store domain, which generates additional targeted traffic.)
  • Informative content that answers potential customers questions and greatly increases their chances of buying. 

Included in the Sale

  • Entire website, including rights to all content and branding.
  • Entire online store and content (
  • Trainer Kite Field Guide – a 29 page book written as an added-value product, including all remaining stock (~400 copies).
  • All reports and research. 
  • All SEO and links.
  • After sale support to ensure a smooth transition, including advice on how to best capitalize on current traffic.  

Much more information is available that will not be shared here due to it’s sensitive nature.  If you are a serious buyer, please contact me through the information below.  Further information that is available includes:

  • Specific search engine rankings.
  • Specific traffic numbers.
  • Business strategies, including website design, traffic generation, and immediate opportunities for further monetization. 
  • Financial information.

Asking $35,000 USD.  Open to offers.

Please contact:


Glen Murray


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