Landing on sharp wooden fence

by Tomás
(Hamburg, Germany)

I was just starting to learn to kite but was already going in the water by myself. When I got to the beach the weather was great and the wind perfect so I just wanted to get in the water fast...

I got all the gear ready as fast as I could and got someone to help me launch. As I did so, the kite somehow completely powered and pulled me hard. I let go of the bar, but still it was in full power, pulling me hard and now picking me up from the ground.

The side-on wind was flying me directly into a wooden fence that had been there for way too long and was pretty sharp and old. One of the instructors was screaming for me to detach, but everything happened simply to fast.

I landed just inches from the fence, and a guy next to me was able to activate my security system and the kite finally depowered.

What was wrong? We were never really sure, but I then prepared exactly the same kite all over again and it worked perfectly. We thought it must have been some lines crossed and which then powered the kite. I probably didn't check the lines correctly...

What I learned? Well 2 things actually... ALWAYS make sure your gear is set-up correctly. Don't rush things, because the price to pay is high. And make sure you can detach instinctively because you have no time to think, these things happen in fractions of seconds.

I have to say, if I had landed half a meter further I would have been pierced by the wooden fence and doubt I would be here now telling this story... But now I know: take your time, better safe than sorry.


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Mar 15, 2013
Thanks for sharing.
by: Glen -

Hi Tomas,

Thanks for sharing, and sounds scary. I have had similar things happen to me when I was first learning, and it's not fun. I really learned not to rush and to make sure my gear was 100% good to go... the more I rushed, the less time I spent kiting and the more time I spent dealing with whatever issues came up.

Happy kiting in the future!


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