How to Reverse Re-Launch a Trainer Kite

Save yourself some serious time and effort with this skill…

Learning how to reverse re-launch a trainer kite is one skill that will save you a tremendous amount of effort.  Instead of having your partner (or you) run and set up the kite every time it crashes, you can use the reverse re-launch to get your kite up flying much quicker.  All you need is a 3 or 4 line trainer kite and the knowledge how, which you will learn right here.

How to Reverse Re-launch Your Trainer Kite.

To reverse re-launch your trainer, you will need to have a three or four line trainer kite.  The back lines on these kites allow you to reverse the flow of the air across the kite, which will make it fly backwards. 


Trainer Kite airflow reverse

How to Do It

To do it, your trainer should be downwind of you, lying leading-edge down on the ground.

  1. Pull gently on the back lines of the kite (the 3rd or 4th lines).  As you do this the kite will start to catch the wind.  Keep pulling until the kite begins to lift off of the ground.

  2. Once the kite is just off the ground, use the control bar to turn the kite so that it is perpendicular to the ground.

  3. Once the kite is perpendicular to the ground, release the pressure on the back lines.  As the kite flies forward, steer it up and away from the ground –you’re back in business!


how to reverse re-launch a trainer kite

As you try this, make sure you don’t pull too aggressively on the kite’s back lines.  They aren’t designed to help it form the best aerodynamic shape, so the kite doesn’t fly as well backwards as it does forwards.  Don’t pull any harder than it takes to get the kite off the ground.

Here's a Video Walkthrough

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