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Can you fly trainer kites in the rain? 
Does it matter if it is raining when u fly a trainer kite? Obviously kite board kites are designrd to fly when wet but what about training kites?

How do trainer kites inflate? 
All the videos I see that have the Rush PRO 350 shows it fully inflated at take off. I don't see any way to inflate this kite.

Harness without a Bar? 
Do you have to have a bar in order to wear a harness?

Can you use HQ hydra 350 for kiteskiing and will it handle -20c 
With limited funds, is there a do it all trainer kite? Can I use the HQ Hydra 350 during the winter to board/ski on snow,even at -20 below as well as on …

Traction kite size 
If I want to start getting on the water what size kite would be recommended for 5'10" about 150lbs?

Brake lines on my HQ Rush 250 
I have a Rush 250 as well and I'm confused on how to attach the lines Does number 8 go on top of the number 16 lines or under (diagram in the question …

Can you use a HQ symphony beach to kiteboard 
I want to get kite boarding and I wanted to know if it is possible to kite board using the symphony beach. If it is what is the best size to get of you …

Trainer Kites/Water Kites Bar Crossover 
Can you use the bar and lines used for your training kite for the big kite you would use for surfing? If not the lines what about the bar? Do you wear …

Would a rush pro 250 lift me 
I have never used a power kite ( and really haven't used any kind of kite since I was a kid). I am 125 lbs and pretty fit (though not a gym every week …

Do You Have Any Reviews Between the Rush 4 Pro 350 and the Hydra 350 
I've done some research into Trainer Kites, I also want to get the most bang for my buck. So my question would be which is the most durable kite the Rush …

Confused About Setting Up Lines on My Rush PRO 
I can't remember how to rig my HQ 250 lines. I have lines on the trailing edge that I don't know where to attach. I have used the trainer once and went …

Whats with the Ozone depowering system? 
I am looking at both the Rush Pro 300 and the Ozone 2.5 - I like the looks of the Rush third line depowering ball and it looks like it is very practical …

What is the Cost of Shipping to Australia Please? 
What is the cost of shipping a Rush 350 plus harness loop to Canberra, Australia please?

Why is the HQ Hydra Cheaper than Other Water Kites? 
The trainer kite can that be used in water (HQ Hydra), how come they're so much cheaper than other kites that can be used on water??

Attaching the strings 
I recently bought a kite, but i have never kited myself. So i'm trying to figure out how to attach the strings I have 4 strings, 2 black ones, a …

Can you use a trainer kite to actually kiteboard? 
I want to start kitesurfing though money is an issue. Is it possible to buy a kite that I can utilize as a trainer and in the water for kiteboarding? …

Shipping to Australia 
Will you ship to Australia NSW and if so what is the cost?

Scout 2 3m Compared to Rush Pro 3.5 
Hi I am debating buying the Rush pro 3.5 or the scout 2 3m some reviews rate them close to the same power, but the scout is only 8ft wide where the …

Help Me Shop 
I am heading back to Holbox Mexico the end of Feb. and have decided the only way I will ever learn to kite surf, which I REALLY want to do, is if I buy …

Big guy with some experience, Scout 2 or Rush 3 Pro? 
I have been interesting in Power/Traction kites since I first saw them 20 years ago. Never had the money to get one and so I settled in to flying stunt …

Buy the Sensei or the Hydra? 
Hi, My name is Patricio. Which would be the better trainer kite to start the Sensei or the Hydra. I just want to learn well the basis for kitesurf. …

What is a Fixed Bridle Kite? 
What is the difference between a fixed bridle and non-fixed bridle kite?

I am told that using a trainer kite may be fun, but could lead to developing bad habits. Your opinion? 
The point is the following: To fly a trainer kite, you pull on the control bar using both ends. To fly a 12m kite hooked to a harness, the only thing …

Launching from sitting position 
Hi - another question this time re: snowkiting. Am I correct that it is impossible to launch a NON depowerable kite on a bar from a sitting position if …

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Launching HQ Hydra with Kite Flier in the Water 
Hi, I am looking at a Hydra kite as they look like so much fun in the water. Can you launch them if you are chest-deep in water? With the bar, I usually …

Your Opinion of the Hydra? 
What is your opinion of the HQ Hydra trainer made to be used in the water?

HQ Hydra 
Hi I have a few questions about the Hq Hydra. 1. If left long enough in the water would it ever sink? 2. How do you inflate and deflate the kite …

What is a Good Family-Sized Trainer Kite? 
I'm sure you get tired of size questions, but I was curious if any of your review statistics (great job, by the way) included children? We are planning …

Water Trainer or Not? 
Should I purchase a Hydra trianer kite or stick to a land and snow only trainer kite? I do have a 8m Liquid Force kite....that I could practice body …

Trainer Kite Pulling a Sandboard? 
My question is would a trainer kite have enough power to pull me on a sandboard. I am really interested in kiteboarding, but am not quite sure if a trainer …

Compare HQ Hydra with HQ Rush III Pro 
Thanks for the fantastic review of trainer kites. I am curious about your thoughts concerning the HQ Hydra. It is purported to be a water launchable …

Landboarding Lightweight Kite Size 
I'm about 120 lbs and want to get a trainer kite to learn the basics, but also to potentially use for landboarding. The Rush III pro series looks appealing, …

What is the difference between the Rush III 200, 250, and 300? 
What is the difference between the: Rush 111 200 Rush 111 250 Rush 111 300? Thanks, love your site. My son has a Rush, so I will need …

Would You Recommend Sensei Trainer Kites? 
My new HQ Rush 250 took a hard hit on a blustery day on the Oregon coast recently. The sand must have made a perfect "seal" with the leading edge on the …

Can Trainer Kites Be Fitted With Harness Loops? 
I'm 55 year old female, and want to try a trainer before jumping into full kiteboard equipment. Question: Can trainer bars be fitted with chicken …

Upgrading My Trainer 
I have a 2.0 meter two line trainer. I have taken lessons - body drags and upwind practice in water. I purchased a 12 meter bow kite hoping to get in …

What is the ideal trainer kite size? 
I want to learn to fly a training kite, but I'm not sure what the the best size of kite is for me. I don't want to get pulled too much and I weigh around …

2.1 Meter 2-Line safety release modification from straps to a cross bar. 
I recently purchased an HQ 2.1 Symphony Beach, (misnamed as it is an open cell), and wanted to modify it so that a safety factor is built in for lighter …

What is the difference between traction kites and trainer kites? 
I have heard practice kites be called trainer kites, and traction-trainer kites. What is the difference?

Getting Started With a Dual Line Stunt Kite 
I live in the middle of a wide, slightly mounded, sweeping field that was just fifteen years ago grazing pasture. A good friend and I have spent time, …

Whats the Difference Between the HQ Symphony and Symphony Beach? 
Can you tell me the difference between the HQ Symphony and the Symphony beach?

Trainer Handles to Bar? 
I have a Pansh 4 meter kite which originally came with handles. I am a kite boarder and want some fun on a non kite day. Can I attach a bar from another …

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