Trainer Kites/Water Kites Bar Crossover

Can you use the bar and lines used for your training kite for the big kite you would use for surfing? If not the lines what about the bar? Do you wear the harness while flying the trainer kite?

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Mar 25, 2012
by: Glen -


Thanks for the question. The simple answer is that none of the gear used on your trainer kite is transferable to a larger LEI kite. The lines on a trainer are lower test-rated, so they aren't designed for the full power of a larger kite. Also, trainers are fixed bridle foils, so the bar is not meant for a sheetable kite (like larger kites will be).

Most larger kites come with the bar and lines, so you should never have to worry about it.

You can use a harness with a trainer kite and your larger kites though. Most trainer kites don't come with harness straps, but they are easy to add on, and then you can start using your kite harness.

Hope this answers your question!


May 27, 2012
Trainer Kites/Water Kites Bar Crossover
by: Anonymous

Can you swap one training kite bar (say 4 line foil kite) and lines to use on another trainer kite (say 4 line LEI)? Thx.

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